We meet your company’s legal needs with the best of two worlds.

About Us

OneLegem is a legal services outsourcing company with over ten years of experience in supporting both legal departments and law firms both in the US and Latin America.

We design and provide efficiency-oriented solutions with immediate impact in the day-to-day work of legal departments and firms. Our services help our clients achieve both a more efficient use of their resources and substantive savings in their legal spend without compromising quality.

Our services and products comprise transactional support, consulting services and software.

Our company is staffed with US-trained attorneys that supervise English-speaking lawyers and paralegals working from Argentina, along with attorneys experienced in efficiency-oriented processes for document and contract drafting and review, contract management and legal project management. We are headquartered in Cordoba, Argentina, which offers your company a similar timeline to the U.S. (EDT+1) and a close cultural affinity.

We offer your company the best of two worlds. Quality and cost-effective solutions for your company’s legal needs.


Matías Avila-Nores

CEO and Managing Partner

Matías is the CEO and Managing Partner of OneLegem. He is an attorney specializing in M&A and commercial agreements with over 18 years of experience in the legal profession and has been active in the LPO industry for the past 7 years. Before founding OneLegem, Matias co-founded Novadios, an LPO based in the US with an operations center in Argentina which serviced MGM Resorts International, Yahoo!, CBRE, Restoration Hardware and eBay, among other clients. Before Novadios, Matías worked at Allende & Brea, a top firm in Argentina, as a corporate attorney. Since 2013 Matias has been regularly invited as a speaker at the O2Lac events organized by the Inter-American Development Bank. In 2013 he was also voted as Nearshore Americas Power 50 as one of Latam’s top 50 outsourcing influencers. Matías received an LL.M from Duke University School of Law in 2002. He also holds a Master’s degree in Corporate Law from the Universidad Austral in Buenos Aires. Matías graduated in 1997 with a degree in Abogacía (a J.D. equivalent) from Universidad Nacional de Córdoba in Argentina. He is a member of both the Buenos Aires and the Córdoba Bar Associations.

Our Services

Onelegem is a legal outsourcing firm focused primarily in supporting legal departments and law firms, both in the US and Latin America. More specifically, we provide the following services:

Consulting services

  • Legal spend strategy
  • Legal spend management
  • Internal administration of legal affairs
  • Contract management
  • Legal projects management
  • Hourly bills review and audit

Transactional services

  • Commercial contracts
  • Document review
  • Contract drafting
  • Intellectual Property
  • Form creation/management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Due diligence review
  • Word processing, proofing and formatting of word and excel documents
  • Document tracking, management, and auditing
  • Secretarial and clerical services
  • Translation services for legal and non-legal projects

Compliance support for legal departments

  • Internal audit
  • Legal compliance

Software for legal departments and law firms

  • Software for in-house contract and document management
  • Software for outside law firm support and management
  • Software for law firms
  • Efficiency-oriented analytics for legal departments and law firms
  • Business Intelligence software developments
  • Qualitative and quantitative metrics for legal departments and law firms


Contact Us

Argentina Office
Hugo Wast 4440, X5009LFS
Córdoba, Argentina.
From the US + 1 (310) 929-7261
From Argentina +54 351 3273138

US Desk
One Legem
340 S Lemon Ave #3160
Walnut, CA, 91789